An overpowering enthusiasm for painting and images: Tancredi returns, perhaps the most extraordinary and eclectic Italian painter of the Fifties and Sixties, with a unique life and career which from that time on distinguished him as the genius and young prodigy of new Italian painting.


It is to Tancredi, an artist famed in the  great galleries, and among the great collectors and museums of the world, that Feltre –the city of his birth –dedicates a new and significant exhibition: a wonderful demonstration which will reconstruct with a contemporary eye the events and experiments of his creative journey, from the Informal Spatialism with his famous  Primavere, to the momentous and extremely rich years of the Sixties, with the extraordinary innovation of the new paintings  and the characters of his “Facezie”. An exceptional figure emerged, immediately recognised, not only by the great Italian collectors and gallery curators, but also by Peggy Guggenheim and the most important international museums. With an innovative style of investigation, the exhibition restores his extraordinary experience, in which biography and painting meet in a journey which appears even more current when seen through contemporary eyes.


The layout of the exhibition has been thought out in close collaboration with the “house museum” of Carlo Rizzarda, the seat of Feltre’s  Gallery of Modern Art. Tancredi’s works, divided into different sections, are displayed in such a way as to create a dialogue with the spaces of the

Tancredi Feltre - 9 Aprile / 28 Agosto 2011
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