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Porta Pusterla represents the western entrance into the city. There are probable traces of a fortified passage between the Bishop’s castle in the area of the Duomo and the castle, which was completed in 1494. It was fortified to the right by a semicircular tower which was demolished at the end of the Eighteenth Century. Above the entrance arch along the whole curve, Justice appears in a fresco and also on a carved plaque, what remains of a lion of Saint Mark among the coats of arms of the city of Feltre and of the podestà Francesco Marcello and the effigies of the Saints Vittore and Corona can also be seen. In the jutting section supported by brackets with Gothic arches, the stone symbol of Blessed Bernardino is carved: the sunburst with the monogram of Christ (IHS). From the Pusterla Gate access is gained for the wonderful pathway of the old staircase.
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