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Situated in an area outside the walls and already in ancient times used as a place of worship, the cathedral, dedicated to Saint Peter, was rebuilt after its destruction in 1510. The Eleventh-Century crypt and the gothic apse were the only parts which survived from the old church. The decorations and writing on the facade date back to the Sixteenth Century, featuring a representation of Saint Peter enthroned and the Saints Vittore and Corona, in part covered by the ceiling rose which was reopened in 1894. Inside, the Twelfth Century throne in pink marble of the Bishop Adalgerio Villalta and the commemorative monument to the Doctor and Philosopher Matteo Bellati, attributed to Tullio Lombardo in 1528 are both preserved. In addition, Gaetano Callido’s monumental organ can also be seen. The wooden ornamental sculptures of Saint Peter, Saint Prosdocimo and the Redentore are by Francesco. Among the pictorial works, the altar piece of the Madonna della Misericordia and Saint John the Baptist by Pietro Marascalchi, la Madonna del Carmine by Francesco Frigimelica, the altar piece with the Madonna Assunta and Saint Peter by Antonio Lazzarini, the Madonna with baby, Saint Vittore and Saint Corona by Paolo Dal Pozzo, Saint Bonaventura, Saint Michael expelling the rebel angels by Agostino Ridolfi and the Supper in Emmaus by Girolamo Turro. In the Holy Chapel, the Annunciation, the Nativity and the Adoration of the Magi by Giambattista Volpato (1672) are displayed.
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