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The small church is among the few buildings which survived the destruction of 1509 – 1510. It was built before 1404, commissioned by Cristoforo Dal Corno, close by the Torre della Rosa which defended the Porta Aurea (now the Porta Oria). The simple facade shows faint traces of a white and ochre checked decoration and the steeply arched stone doorway is crowned by a bas-relief of the Trinity. The cycle of frescoes inside is of particular interest. The anonymous artist of the Universal Judgement on the triumphal arch, of the Entombment of Christ and of the Dormitio Virginis on the side walls expresses himself with a Nordic language. The images at the end of the Apse, the Trinity and, to the sides, the Annunciation, Saint Vittore and Saint Corona are from the hand of a different artist, recognisably from the Veneto region.



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