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Palazzo Tomitano, seat of the public library, is made up of the incorporation of several buildings,
the ancient Staple of the Fondaco delle Biade and a “private retreat of only ten religious men”, built after 1542 thanks to the bequest of the rich merchant Andrea Crico. The exterior decorations of the same period, renovated thanks to the project Interreg 3A Italy – Austria, reveal inscriptions and among the architectural imitations multicoloured scenes, now no longer legible, of the Madonna with Infant and the angels, Saint Francis receiving the Stigmata and the pietà of Christ. A small statue by Domenico Falce depicting the Blessed Bernardino Tomitano crowns the timpano of the doorway of the entrance. Accessed from Via Paradiso, the internal chamber displays a strip of fresco, painted with grotesques and coats of arms; and preserves also the wooden benches of the Monte di Pietà (Mount of Pity). The treasure room has walls which are completely decorated by Sixteenth-Century motifs of imitation wall hangings and a ceiling once decorated with painted coffers. In a lunette above the door, the Resurrection of Christ is  represented.



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