Palazzo Zucco once called the Persenda PDF Print E-mail

The property of The Superintendence of the Architectural Heritage and Countryside of the provinces of Venice, Belluno, Padua and  Treviso, which was responsible for the philological restoration, Palazzo Zucco can be found a short distance from the Porta Oria. It is the typical dwelling place of the merchant class bourgeoisie with a shop on the ground floor and living space in the upper storeys. Rebuilt on a pre-existing gothic structure following the destruction of 1509-1510, the palazzo  has a tall and narrow facade, marked by arches in stone and enriched by extremely fine frescoes. Two bunched belt courses surround antiquated medallions, which alternate motifs of vegetation, eagles and horns of plenty on a blue background. On the first and second floors, amongst the imitative architecture, a Madonna with infant and a warrior Saint on horseback can be found. Inside the Palazzo, imitation wall hangings, grotesques and landscapes of exquisite elegance are also displayed.



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