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The Monastry of the Order of Saint Clare (also known as the Poor Clares) and the annexed church who erected by the Blessed Bernardino Tomitano in June 1492 and finished in 1504. The monastry was to e supressed in December 1806, on the orders of Napoleon and became a military barracks. The building, restored by Giuseppe Segusini in 1856, boasts a Fifteenth Century doorway crowned by a lunette with a fresco of the Madonna degli Angeli which is attributed to the workshop of Marco da Mel. Inside, the Madonna with Infant and Angels by Pietro Marascalchi is preserved, flanked by the Blessed Bernardino Tomitano and Saint Francis, which are thought to be by Lorenzo Luzzo,
The Assumption by Gerolamo Turro and The Flood of the Colmeda by Jacopo Bassano.
Tradition tells that it was from the overflowing of the Colmeda in 1564 that the Christ carrying the cross surfaced on the branches, now displayed on one of the altars. In the cloistral chapel, as well as the Seventeenth Century altar, we can also find the abbesses’ sculpted throne, the wooden statues of
Saint Chiara and Saint Francis of Assisi (Seventeenth Century), Saint Peter and Saint Paul (Fifteenth Century), from the Tyrolean school. In the church, the five illustrated glassworks were created by the Flemish artist Raph Huet in 1980.



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