Particular care and attention has been given to schools, with initiatives open to students and teachers of all levels and ages which will be organised by the architect Claudia Alpago-Novello in collaboration with a group of qualified teaching assistants. In particular, educational itineraries and refresher courses for primary and secondary school teachers will be available.

The educational itineraries are different from the guided tours in that their interactive approach to the works and the proposed materials, initiating a journey of discovery which will be the result of the meeting of the visitors, the materials and the works exhibited, with opportunities for practical    experimentation “in the field”. On the opening of the exhibition, various educational itineraries will be suggested, suitable for children and young people from the ages of 3 to 18 years old, with activities and themes suited to their particular age group. The itineraries will last  90 minutes and will cost 6,00 euro per participant (for groups of a minimum of 12 to a maximum of  25 participants and a minimum of 12, and maximum 15 participants for nursery school children).

The refresher courses for teachers of Primary and Secondary School are designed as a useful tool of information-training for those teachers who intend to propose an autonomous visit to the exhibition to their own students, or who wish to enrich their understanding of some particular themes to pass on to their class or in preparation of a visit. Each course, given by Claudia Alpago-Novello, will last 6 hours, subdivided into  two meetings, and will involve both moments of a theoretical nature and the experience of practical workshops. Each course will have a maximum of  20 participants. The dates of the first courses are set on Wednesday 23 and Wednesday 30 of March from 16.00 to 19.00. There will be no charge for participation.

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