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The City of Feltre Traditional Arts and Craft Exhibition is the special annual event which heralds the beginning of summer. The exhibition provides a bird’s eye view of the production of quality craftwork from Veneto and other regions of Italy as well as many  other related events such as concerts, shows, exhibitions, conferences, fashion shows and evenings dedicated to tasting typical Feltrino dishes. More than a hundred exhibitors present their prestigious wares in stands set up in the entrance halls, the gardens and internal courtyards of the noble palaces and along the streets and ways of the historical old town. It is a splendid opportunity to visit the corners which are usually closed to the public and to enjoy the picturesque walkways of the city.

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The first Sunday of August the streets of the city and the historical old town come alive with figures in medieval costume: knights, cardinals, ladies and plebeian folk. The majestic court and gathering echoes to the sound of the rhythms of the beating drums. Feltre’s spontaneous swearing of loyalty to the Serenissima Venetian Republic, which originally occurred in 1404, is re-enacted as is the palio (horse race), with a prize of fifteen gold ducats, which was run in that occasion. The teams of the four Quartieri (sections) into which the city is divided, Duomo, Port’Oria, Castello and Santo Stefano, each one recognisable by their own distinct colours and symbols, challenge each other to win the much coveted tapestry, created every year by famous artists. There are several different competitive games: from the relay race to the tug of war, from archery to the grand finale, the breathtaking horse race. Citizens and visitors support the team of their heart. Many different events occur on the sidelines, from art exhibitions to the great dinners of the Quartieri.

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